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The design process is never totally “over.” We’re not a one-and-done; we believe that design plays an ongoing role in the relationships you have with your customers.

Websites - Bring Your Brand to the World.
Bring Your Brand to the World

Your website is your platform to show existing and potential clients what you do and how well you do it.

An online presence can be the most powerful tool for any business or organisation. Websites provide an opportunity to make your business as accessible as possible, enabling prospective customers to learn about your brand proposition as well as information relating to your products and services.

Website design & development is paramount in the pursuit of effective branding & marketing excellence. Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.

Your Stamp on the World

A brand is both a reputation and an experience. We tailor-make all aspects, we will design a memorable brand that you will be proud of and that will secure your place in your given market.

The word ‘Brand’ is widely used but often misunderstood, especially in the context of design. A brand can be the name given to a product or service, it can also be what many refer to incorrectly as a logo. At Dartworks we believe a brand can be a feeling & emotion that is experienced when people think of a specific company or commodity.

Companies can find that their current identity no longer represents who they are, what they do, or where they want to be. Crafting a visual identity that is led by insight & positioned accurately to resonate with your audience is crucial, enabling companies to achieve an advantage over their competition.

Your Print / Products in Client's Hands

Whether you need brochures, packaging or eye-catching advertising. We will design your print products. You almost won't want to give it away.

Logos are a strong, symbolic asset for any brand. However, a logo isn’t the only way to define an organisation. Visual languages, such as colours, graphics, imagery, typography and tone of voice all culminate in creating a consistent and cohesive identity that will communicate your values, positioning and personality.

Working together we identify where you need to go. Then we look at ways of getting you there.

We Design
  • Logos

  • Brochures

  • Packaging

  • Labelling

  • Stationery

  • Signage

  • Apparel

  • Brand Guidelines

Pricing - Our Pricing Guidelines for Design Work


Most design agencies do not post their prices. Why? Because every client is different and every design is different. That being said, here is a range of pricing that you can expect your project to fall into.

Logo Update

£35 an hour (Capped at 5 hours)

You have an existing logo that has outdated fonts and the overall look needs some “sprucing” up. You don’t need new concepts, but instead a more streamlined look that keeps your current brand. Maybe you have your logo sketched out exactly how you want it, but just need it digitised.

Logo Design

£35 an hour (Capped at 8 hours)

You don’t have a design and you need brand-new concepts and designs from scratch to create your perfect logo.

Brand Identity

£35 an hour (Time estimated on brief)

You need more than just a logo. It is a  complete visual guideline for your brand and can include: naming your business; design brief; multiple formats; full colour & Pantone colours; a style sheet to keep all of your branding consistent across multiple platforms; business cards; letterhead and concepts to show how your logo would appear on apparel and other print advertising. It is a customised service based on your individualised needs.

Print / Packaging

£35 an hour (Time estimated on brief)

You have a logo and brand identity. You are looking to market your business or product and require concept and design for print material and/or packaging.

Newsletter Template

£35 an hour (Time estimated on brief)

You have a logo and brand identity. A newsletter can enhance any e-mail campaign. It is a great way to stay in touch with your customers in a cost-effective way. It should convey consistency with your brand, be easy to update and speak a clear message. We create custom newsletter templates, giving you the tools you need to stay on top of your marketing.

Website Design

Start at £450+

You have a logo and brand identity. You need an online presence. Our websites are designed to best suit your business and your budget.  One-page website design starts at £450. A small business multi-page website will cost between £600 - £1000+. Once built and online, we hand over all control to you. Your website is easy for you to use, update and to make changes to. Of course, we are available should you need further help.

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